Trends in Kitchen Counters: Forget about Granite

photo_5889_20080509The best kitchen countertops should not only reflect the homeowner’s interior decoration style, but also accommodate their meal preparation needs in a holistic way. Though granite has traditionally been used in many homes, other materials are also gaining popularity and may soon overtake it as the most popular product for this particular purpose. Replacing your granite countertops with other materials is a cool and affordable way of giving the kitchen a whole new look. When looking for the best product to use in this case, some of the things to keep in mind are durability, warranty and price value. The countertop should be maintenance free, able to withstand constant abuses, survive throw parties and of course last for many years to come. These are the Trends in Kitchen Counters: Forget about Granite

Quartz. It’s a robust and attractive material made from traces of resin, pigment and stone chips. Ever since they replaced granite as the most favorite countertops used in modern homes, manufacturers have been releasing new patterns that are more versatile in appearance and can mimic other materials or alternatively be imbued with deep colors to make them more vivid. The best thing about Quartz is its versatility, it can be designed to represent different shapes and is also resistant to abrasion. Even if a sharp object accidentally lands on it there wouldn’t be any dents or scratches on the surface. Stains can also be wiped out easily with a piece of rug without causing a blemish on the material surface.

Soapstone. Soapstone is probably the most beautiful of all products used in making kitchen countertops, they are also versatile and can be redesigned to any shape that one deems fit. Sometimes it’s also mixed with traces of quarts to make it resistant to chipping, this product is available in different colors since soapstone’s naturally occur in multiple shades as well. Tests also show that it’s resistant to heat damage and minor scratches can be replaced by sanding, or applying mineral oil on the affected parts. If you want a material that doesn’t char or get destroyed by fire then this is exactly what you need.

Other emerging trends

Currently, there are many new products on the market that homeowners can also use for their kitchens. For instance, Dekton is a compact surface which can be fitted both indoors & outdoors since it’s resistant to UV rays. Therefore, if one is planning to build an outdoor kitchen it would fit just perfectly. Dekton is also available in many colors such as Aura and Kairos which look just like marble, but are not one and the same thing. Another new product that’s quickly gaining popularity is Avorio.