Taking Classic Elegance Beyond Black and White

grey bathroomMuch like black and white photography has a classic appeal, so do black and white color schemes. This color scheme will always create an iconic atmosphere for interior spaces. For those who do not care for the stark contrast of pure black to white, you have dozens of options to soften the look. Choosing one or two shades of gray instead of black for your remodeling will keep the classic elegance while providing a more subtle visual appearance, one that has more of a color flow from one component to the next.

Shades of gray in the kitchen and bathroom are best applied to cabinets, bringing the eye to these large focal points. Highlights of white or off-white should be applied to backsplashes, tile, and countertops. If visible wall space is scarce, a different shade of gray can be applied here to set off the cabinetry; however, if there is ample wall space, white paint will give the room more of an open, crisp feel. Adjoining entryways are also set apart nicely. The key is to have a balance between shades of gray with highlighting white.

Accessorizing Shades of Gray

When accessorizing a classic gray and white kitchen or bathroom, flooring is one of the focal points that can clash if you are not careful. The easiest flooring to use to pull the look together would be a black marble or polished concrete, stamped and dyed with a mottled finish. This will provide a strong foundation for the color scheme with the added benefit of hiding any stains that happen through the years. A white tile or stone floor is also an excellent choice if you like a more open look for your remodeling.

Alternatively, you can use wood flooring, but you want to stick with a darker stain to avoid a blatant contrast in materials. With gray kitchen cabinetry, nearly any pastel color scheme will accessorize well, including muted shades of blue for your displayed towels and linens or deep shades of red for a gothic/romantic look. Bathroom or kitchen cabinetry hardware will be easy to choose, as all silver and chrome will work to add a little sparkle to the room.

There are so many options when remodeling your kitchen or bathroom in gray and white. Your designer will help you choose color accents and help you place your main shades appropriately to provide an elegant look that does not come across as overbearing.