Soapstone Countertops

There are literally dozens of different kinds of countertops and among one of the more popular and traditional options are soapstone countertops. Soapstone is easy to install with many people actually installing it themselves. It is also less expensive than granite or engineered stone and has an attractive appearance that lasts for years.

What Is Soapstone?

While soapstone is related to other stones it does have a softer texture that enables it to be machined without the use of special tools or equipment. Most people have the tools needed to cut and shape soapstone. All that is needed are a circular saw, jigsaw, dril or driver, a grinder and a sander.

By installing soapstone countertops yourself, you can literally save half of the cost of that portion of your renovation project. Installing a new countertop can be completed in a few hours when you select soapstone.

Soapstone is also inexpensive. It is actually one of the least expensive kinds of countertops available today. It can be purchased for less than $25 per square foot, which is half the price of some other countertop materials.

Soapstone Colors

Soapstone comes in attractive, traditional colors. Soapstone is available in brown, dark black, gray and green. Those colors would complement also many decor or colors. When selecting a countertop it is important to choose a color that will properly accent the room and your design plans.

Things To Consider When Purchasing A Countertop

First and foremost consider the measurements of the countertop you need.
Consider the material of the countertop.
Set a budget and stick to it.
Consider the long term impact of the renovations.
Consider your home’s occupants, such as children and pets.

Where To Buy Your Countertops

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