New Trends for that Kitchen Makeover

photo_5889_20080509Many homes have kitchens connected to their living room. The kitchen is said to be the heart of the home. Family and friends come together to eat, talk, and generally enjoy each other’s company. Home chefs have found that having a kitchen that is a delight to work in can be a treat. Therefore, homeowners are very interested in investing in the remodeling of their kitchen.

Many homeowners who have remodeled responded in a survey expressing their preferences for today’s modern kitchen. These results help to tell us what is trending in kitchen cabinetry and remodeling.

Fresh and New Remodeling Trends

Today the number one trend for changes in the kitchen is putting in new countertops. The next biggest trend is upgrading to new appliances. This makes sense to replace older models with new, energy-efficient ones. Sometimes the utility company will give a discount for such a change. There may be government programs that will help by giving incentives for appliance changes. By just making these two changes when homeowners sell, they may recover 75% of the remodeling cost.

Remodeling Can Benefit a Home Resale

A key note is that two-thirds of homebuyers want stainless steel appliances, which can make a resale more attractive. The favorite among countertops is still granite. The next runner-up is quartz. The reason being is that it is easier to maintain. It will not crack or stain and does not have to be sealed.

Quartz may be somewhat costly. A rising trend remodelers are experimenting with is mixing materials in the countertops to keep costs down. For example, an island may have a wood or marble countertop and the rest of the countertops may have various granite colors.

Color is also important. More Americans are choosing neutral and soft colors for their kitchens. This is a much different trend from the 1960s, when kitchen colors had a more bold color presentation.

Open Concepts

When given the choice of shutting off the kitchen from the rest of the house, most prefer to have the kitchen open to the living room. More than half of the homeowners thought having an island in the kitchen was a key component for dinning and preparing meals. American homeowners who remodeled their homes developed new trends for their modern kitchen.

If you are thinking about remodeling your kitchen, it’s always important to contact a professional. A professional can help you make great choices that stay within your budget and last for years to come.