Kitchen Cabinetry Styles

Kitchen Cabinetry – Choosing Your Style

Redesigning your kitchen, or furnishing a brand new one, is an exciting time for any homeowner. Many homeowners have specific styles in mind, while others want to follow popular trends or stick with more traditional styles. For either taste, there are a variety of cabinetry options seen in kitchens across the United States, and you can choose which ones suit your style the best.

For wooden cabinets, the main difference in styles is the type of wood used to create the cabinets. Maple is popular along the eastern coast of the United States, valued for its uniform coloring and smooth appearance, while other homes choose cherry wood cabinets for their rich, dark color and unique appearance.

Great Cabinet Materials

Oak cabinets are long lasting due to the durability of the wood and feature beautiful gradient patterns that liven up any kitchen, while hickory wood features distinct flowing patterns that are smooth to the touch and easy to stain. These are the main options for wood cabinets, but once the wood is chosen, the customization options don’t end there

The style of the doors on cabinets also add personality to your kitchen. Shaker-style cabinets are the most commonly seen in kitchens, featuring five-pieces in each door. Four pieces make up the frame of the door, while the fifth is a flat panel that completes the center. The clean-line appearance and utility of this cabinet style is one of the reasons for its popularity.

Modern Style Cabinets

Flat cabinet styles favor minimalist décor, and are perfect for modern or contemporary kitchen designs. Many of these doors come in decorative wood styles or laminate as well, which can be friendlier on your design budget. Other door styles include antique-looking distressed doors, beadboard style for a cottage-like appearance, and inset for the classic appearance found in expensive homes across the country.

If deciding on a style is difficult, or you have a custom design in mind for your cabinet furnishings, contact us at Modern Cabinetry for prices and our cabinet options. We offer free estimates and demonstrations for all services we provide in the Florida area.