Kitchen Cabinet Design Trends for 2022

If you’re looking to remodel your kitchen cabinets in 2022, you’ve come to the right place. This year, many cabinet colors, designs, and styles have taken the limelight.

The top kitchen cabinet design trends of 2022 include:

Bold Colors

Kitchen cabinet colors are no longer confined to crisp white. Bold tones including saturated blue, deep teal, and rich green are gaining popularity among homeowners. These shades can make the cabinets a focal point of your kitchen, giving it a sense of depth and personality.

Minimalist Styles

Colorful kitchen cabinets aren’t for everyone. Luckily, minimalist kitchen designs are still in style in 2022. Sleek appliances, defined lines, and clean neutral tones can create a kitchen that combines form with function.

Earthy Tones

For homeowners who want painted kitchen cabinets, but aren’t sold on a bold paint color, earthy tones are the ideal kitchen cabinet trend. In 2022, many remodeling designers are favoring warm earth tones like beige, taupe, and even warm shades of white. For homeowners who desire non-neutral tones, muted shades of green and terracotta are other popular earthy tones for kitchen cabinets in 2022. These shades pair beautifully with natural wood or stone floors.

Unconventional Materials

As an alternative to painted cabinets, homeowners can consider unconventional cabinet materials in 2022. New types of wood, such as light oak, can add warmth and elegance to any kitchen. Additionally, many homeowners are choosing hardware-less cabinets for a clean, modern appearance.

Black Accents
Black is a non-traditional kitchen design color, to say the least. However, it’s become a trendy choice in recent years. Black accents can give your kitchen a sophisticated, contemporary look, along with a feeling of depth.

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