Help Your Bathroom Sell Your Home

bathroomUpdating your bathroom is a renowned way of increasing your home’s resale value, because it is one of the areas that most buyers pay attention to. As expected, however, remodeling is at times overwhelming, especially when you have the dreams but no information. Where exactly do you begin? While some people prefer starting on a small scale whereby they update the lights and fix the hardware, there are those who prefer to start with major projects such as replacing the bath tubs and showers. In the long run, all you need is to transform an outdated bath into a spa-like retreat which is capable of attracting worthwhile buyers. To help you achieve this, consider the following tips:

Develop a remodeling plan. Some home remodeling projects allow you to continue planning as the work gets underway, but bathroom remodeling does not provide such a luxury. It calls for a definite action plan which you will follow from the start to the end because a bath is so vital in any home. Ideally, the plan should contain items such the estimated time frame, a list of the new appliances that you may wish to incorporate, a final layout of the remodeled bathroom and an idea of the contractor that you will hire.

Even so, keep it in mind that budgeting is the most essential part of the entire plan. Since you are preparing the home for resale, you need to be wary of the budget so that you don’t run at a loss. As such, consider how much you wish to spend and distribute it to cover the various changes that you wish to make.

Consider refinishing the existing items. If you are working on a budget, refinishing the existing items can save you some cash in relation to replacement. Rather than replacing the showers, bath tub and tiles, therefore, a skilled refinishing project can leave them as clean as new.

Consider going green. Going green is considered good for the environment, a factor that most buyers consider when opting to buy a home these days. Besides, green products are stylish since they carry a modern feel, tend to function better and even cut down the utility bills. Going green essentially entails going the eco-friendly way in your remodeling project. This includes installing the most appropriate kind of lighting while painting the cabinets instead of using landfills.

Use painting to change the mood. For an easy bathroom remodel, it is recommended that you paint the walls. If you choose the right colors, a new coat of paint will automatically transform your tired walls. When the budget does not allow you to install new tiles, therefore, never allow yourself to run out of options.

Keep the existing plumbing intact. This should also be done to keep the budget in check and at the same time avoid stressful renovations. Contractors make it sound like an easy job but you should realize that changing the plumbing system involves a lot of labor and materials. As such, ensure that all the plumbed fixtures stay intact.

Use small touches to create a huge impact. Sometimes it is the small changes that leave a memorable statement. To give your bathroom a new look, therefore, consider simple changes such as replacing cabinet knobs, changing showerheads and installing new switch plates as well as drawer pulls.

In summary, remodeling your bathroom can be a stressful event but with such proven tips, you will have your home ready for resale within the shortest time.