Customizing a Kitchen

cabinet optionsAs any realtor will tell you, updating a kitchen or bathroom is the most effective way to increase your home’s market value. And as every family knows, the kitchen is the heart of a home. Whether you are looking to market your home (now or down the road) or simply wanting to maximize your own use and enjoyment of it, there may be no better way than customizing your kitchen!

Have you ever wished you could reconfigure your kitchen for the ways in which you actually use it? Imagine how you would set up your storage if you could start from scratch on your kitchen design.

Well here’s the good news: you can! With custom cabinetry, you can not only beautify your kitchen, but also make the most of the space you have.

Let’s face it: when a builders design homes, they don’t yet know who will live there.

They don’t know whether your kitchen will be used as an entertaining space or a family hang-out. They do know that the kitchen is the hub of the home, but they can’t customize it for you because they don’t know you. When you work with a custom cabinetry craftsman, all of that changes.

You can work with an expert to plan everything from your countertops to your cupboards to your customized woodwork. Too many people wait until they are trying to sell a home before undertaking a remodel, and they do it for market value rather than the actual value to themselves.

You can do it differently.

Because a kitchen remodel invariably increases a home’s value, most lenders will finance the project with a home equity line of credit. You can come out ahead financially as well as practically, with the kitchen you always wanted for your family life.