photo_5889_20080509Modern Cabinetry and Millwork has been selling countertops in Tampa, FL for many years. With so many tampa counter top options available today, our staff members are trained to help you wade through the options. By analyzing your individual needs, we can work with you to choose the best counter tops for your home. Regardless of whether you need kitchen or bathroom countertops – or countertops in another room altogether – Modern Cabinetry and Millwork is here to help you choose the best countertops for your needs. At our second retail location, we also sell countertops in Wesley Chapel, FL.

If you have ever thought about replacing your tampa countertops, you are probably aware of the huge variety of options available. However, it’s hard to quantify the qualities of different counter tops without extensive experience. With so many years in the counter top business, our counter top technicians are ready to consult you in your countertop purchase.

Furthermore, we carry several manufacturers of counter tops, including HanStone, Corian, Cabria USA, Wilsonart, Staron, and Formica. We also have a variety of granite countertop options if that is your interest.

If you know the dimensions of the surfaces you are interested in replacing, then it is very easy for us to create accurate estimates for counter tops tampa. Be sure to measure and understand the dimensions of your counter top surfaces if you would like a fast, accurate, and free estimate for the counter tops we carry at Modern Cabinetry and Millwork.

New countertops can add a great sparkle to your home. Because our top priority is to provide excellent value to our customers, Modern Cabinetry and Millwork carries only the highest quality counter top products. However, we also offer the lowest prices in the Tampa, FL region. So, you can be confident about your counter top purchase by working with Modern Cabinetry and Millwork.

On top of our tampa counter top sales, Modern Cabinetry and Millwork also offers counter top installation services in Tampa and Wesley Chapel, FL. Although this can be a trick job, our experts are trained to work quickly and effectively. By sharing our concern for counter tops, we hope to add a new zest to your home.

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