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Taking Classic Elegance Beyond Black and White

grey bathroomMuch like black and white photography has a classic appeal, so do black and white color schemes. This color scheme will always create an iconic atmosphere for interior spaces. For those who do not care for the stark contrast of pure black to white, you have dozens of options to soften the look. Choosing one or two shades of gray instead of black for your remodeling will keep the classic elegance while providing a more subtle visual appearance, one that has more of a color flow from one component to the next. Continue reading

Help Your Bathroom Sell Your Home

bathroomUpdating your bathroom is a renowned way of increasing your home’s resale value, because it is one of the areas that most buyers pay attention to. As expected, however, remodeling is at times overwhelming, especially when you have the dreams but no information. Where exactly do you begin? While some people prefer starting on a small scale whereby they update the lights and fix the hardware, there are those who prefer to start with major projects such as replacing the bath tubs and showers. In the long run, all you need is to transform an outdated bath into a spa-like retreat which is capable of attracting worthwhile buyers. To help you achieve this, consider the following tips: Continue reading